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Meet: Jake Richardson

 Photo credit: Joshua Phrakhun 

Jake Richardson is well known for his outgoing YouTube channel that has earned him loyal fans worldwide. After becoming a well loved housemate on Big Brother last year, he is now off on his own global adventures, documenting his travels as he goes - all in aid of promoting his ‘Life Starts Now’ campaign.

We grabbed Jake for a chat before his next adventure to the South Pacific - and what it’s like living the Bondi life.

Tell us more about 'Life Starts Now' and what inspires you.

It’s all about getting outside, making plans of your own and just becoming in-tune with doing things with yourself in a positive way - and to in-still that philosophy into a younger generation. I'm hoping it will send the message that it's OK to create your own pathway whilst exploring and having the time of your life. I find most inspiration when I travel, but environment is a huge part of the work that you produce, so just living in Bondi and being able to go down to the beach when I want is great, especially while working and when i'm writing music. 

So we know you’re used to living with lots of people, but who are your current housemates?

At the moment I currently live in Bondi with my sister and her bf, oh and their extra long sausage dog – who by the way eats anything and everything!

If we bumped into you around Bondi what would you most likely be doing?

Most likely I would be holding a camera or taking a Snap Chat! Taking a Snap Chat video for sure, ha ha. Definitely holding some kind of piece of technology attempting to capture the beauty of the Bondi bubble.

What’s your ideal lazy Sunday?

The days I do have off I’m normally editing, but otherwise a chilled day would start with a sleep in, perhaps a cheeky surf on the long board and going for a swim, or even planning a slow cooked meal. Maybe end the day hanging with friends over some good food. I like to begin the week on a Sunday.

What is your go-to weekend wear?

I’m a Tee shirts, shorts, cool pair of sunglasses kind of guy. If I find a comfy pair of shorts, I will live in them! At the moment it’s a denim pair and they have seen me through summer. Usually it’s an interesting tee that might have a message on it, otherwise it might just be basic like navy, white or grey – or burgundy! – I like to rock that sometimes.

In Bondi, where do you go for:

Food? - Depot – They do the most amazing roasts.
Coffee? – Bondi Massive, Gertrude and Alice and Icebergs terrace – The terrace has the best views!
Drinks? – I’m not a big drinker, but on the occasion I like to grab a six-pack and go sit on the steep grass hill at the north end next to the RSL (the one people like to roll down!).

You can check out a collaboration between Jake and Joshua Phrakhun in the first part of the 'CREATE // EXPLORE' series right here 


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