• Meet: Luke Hines
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Meet: Luke Hines

Bondi local, self confessed water baby (and all round nice guy!) Luke Hines might be recognised not only as a finalist on My Kitchen Rules, but also as one of Australia's leading healthy lifestyle personalities. With regular appearances on breakfast television and lifestyle shows, joining the team on channel sevens 'Live Well' as resident foodie and also being the official trainer on Australia's Next Top Model - needless to say he's a busy guy!

This combined with the release of the bestselling ‘Clean Living’ series of training and nutrition books, along with three books in the series currently available (keep watch for another three ready for release in the next 12 months!) Luke also toured nationally with Nora Gedgaudas and Pete Evens on the sold out 'The Paleo Way' tour in 2014, which sees the release of a brand new online training and nutrition subscription program, as they join forces for 'The Paleo Way Online Activation Program.'

Luke gives us a taster of his Clean Living lifestyle...Bondi style...

Tell us more about your ‘Clean Living’ message.

For me, staying healthy and happy is easy, and it truly does all come down to Clean Living. I like to live life by three simple mantras; Train smart, Eat Clean and Feel Good. I believe when there is synergy between these three aspects of our life, we are onto a pretty good thing.

Training smart is about moving your body doing something that you love in a way that suits you. Eating clean is all about embracing the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and avoiding those that can cause your body harm. And, I always say, it must taste phenomenal. And feeling good is all about your energy and outlook on life - spreading the good positive vibes and eliminating negative self beliefs, behaviours and thoughts.

If you can wake up every morning and decide to train smart, eat clean and feel good, then I think you will have a massive smile on your face.

How would you describe the food culture in Bondi and do you see it changing?

One thing I have loved seeing is the increase in so many varied eateries catering to a wide variety of cuisines and vibes. With an abundance of health oriented cafes opening it is easy to grab a healthy breakfast or lunch from somewhere like Bondi Wholefoods or Porch, yet duck up to the intimate and delicious Sefa kitchen for a romantic dinner for two. I believe in the last 12 months, Bondi has opened the doors to some wonderful eateries truly cementing its place on any foodies map.

When you think of the Bondi lifestyle, how would you describe it?

Well I believe it has changed dramatically since I first moved here. Back in 2005 I thought it was very much a village vibe, a large back packer culture and the type of place you could get around in bare feet 24/7. Now although I still personally get around in bare feet, theres definitely been a massive transformation in recent years. Internet cafes and old school surf shops have been replaced with fine dining restaurants and boutique fashion stores. I now believe Bondi caters for the nomadic surfer guy and girl, whilst also catering to high end residents or visitors looking for more sophistication that we haven't always been able to offer. What does remain the same is how diverse and eclectic it is. You’ll have the fancy pants wining and dining at one of the fancy eateries, around the corner from the local characters from the community support centres. Never a dull moment in this hood.

We hear you’re a keen swimmer, is that why you like being Bondi based?

Yeah, being close to the ocean is so important for me. My mum has always called me a water baby. I believe it doesn't matter how busy, stressful or hectic your day might be, theres nothing the ocean cannot fix. Simply walking out into the shallows of north bondi, laying back, floating and looking at the sky is just such a calming and grounding experience.

If we bumped into you around Bondi what’s the most likely thing you would be doing?

I would most likely be on the way to the gym or beach. For me when I am not working it is all about staying active, whether its heading to the surf club to have a workout, down to the beach for a soft sand run, or jumping in the ocean for a swim or surf! 

What is your go-to weekend wear?

I love to feel comfortable and ready to tackle any fun outdoor activity, so it has to be functional, but easy to wear. Trackies, easy fit tee’s, and no big branding or deisgns, i believe simple and clean colours are the best.

In Bondi, where’s your favourite places to go for:

Food? Bondi Wholefoods - Over the road from my place, awesome staff, amazing processed sugar free treats and PALEO toast on the breakfast menu, that is my kind of cafe!

Coffee? Harry’s Bondi. Such an awesome new fit out, great staff, and they make their own almond milk. Very much my cup of tea (coffee). 

Drinks? I am a non alcoholic drinker, but if i was to take my mates out for a boozy beverage I love the atmosphere and menu at Mr Moustache on Hall Street.

Shopping? I am pretty easy to please actually. I divide my time between General Pants and Surfection. Yew!

2015 sees a further progression in Luke's Clean Living and Paleo message. You can find out more about Luke and his Cleaner Living message right here

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