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Meet: Byron Spencer

Photographer Byron Spencer grew up on a farm in Armidale NSW. He has always been creative, doing his diploma in flute performance and studying music and theatre. Photography was never part of the plan but he organically got into it, eventually turning it into a full-time career.

He started by shooting events and parties, and then worked for the Sydney Morning Herald with a weekly style column. This all grew into opportunities to shoot the more stylized editorial fashion work he is known for today. Byron is currently working on a solo exhibition and has even hinted about making a return to music sometime this year.

In between shoots, we caught up with Byron Spencer to talk about Bondi and its style.

How would you describe your photography style?

Last year I would have described it as something like “hyper colour cartoon turbo surrealness”. But this year I am feeling heaps of change in what I am creating…..so maybe I should describe my style as ‘erratic’. I guess that’s normal.

Do you think that living in Bondi has an effect on your work?

I love being near the ocean. Nature inspires me so much. And the ocean affects my energy. I love it.

Is there a look that you think epitomises Bondi?

Bare feet. I love bare feet. I think people should be bare foot most of the time. It’s how we were designed. I love how unfinished people can look in Bondi. But so many of those people are so healthy and tanned so they look super lovely too!

When you think Bondi lifestyle, how would you describe it?

Very health focused during the day. Very debaucherous during the night. Relaxed. Salty.

What are your go-to beach styles?

Just my boardies. Whatever t-shirt or shirt I grab. Whatever towel, however I now have an awesome new beach towel. A hat. Sunnies. And I like to smell like that coconut sunscreen. Or coconut oil.

In Bondi, where do you go for:

Food? I like the breakfast at Brave cafe on Gould St
Coffee? Same...Brave.
Drinks? I don’t go out fancy drinking much, I’d rather a long neck and sit on the grass. But I have gone to Icebergs a fair bit through work and I like the fancy cocktails! And the view.

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