• Morning Bondi's Amaury Tréguer: Life's a Beach

Morning Bondi's Amaury Tréguer: Life's a Beach

Morning Bondi's Amaury Tréguer: Life's a Beach

It’s been two years since we first caught up with Amaury Tréguer from Morning Bondi. Every morning for the past five years Amaury has been keeping a photo diary and blog of his beach visits down at the beach. His pictures focus on Bondi’s beautiful sunrises, local characters and other interesting events and activities that may cross his path that day. 

Amaury’s been keeping busy with selling his prints, having his pictures go viral, becoming a new dad and of course not to mention taking pictures and having coffee at the beach!… 

It’s been two years since you last caught up with C&H. Firstly, congratulations on the new addition to your family! What do you find Bondi like for raising a family? 

Already two years, wow time flies… Bondi is probably one of the best place’s to raise a kid. You have the beach obviously, the Icebergs, parks, playgrounds and it’s pretty safe.

The Morning Bondi website and blog posts are looking great! Creatively, what inspires you everyday when writing about the beach? 

Tricky question, it’s actually not always easy to come-up with something new everyday. I sometimes tend to repeat myself. There are a few things that inspire me including what I see and photograph in the morning, who I was with and what we’ve been up to. Working out followed by a coffee and a swim is our usual routine! It can also depend on the weather, and then anything else that comes to mind. As I always say, Morning Bondi is kind of my photo diary so it’s pretty personal. That means that sometimes it might be really boring for people to read!!  

When we last spoke one of your favourite moments you had captured was the Cockatoo pic. Since then your ‘First in, First Ripple’ shot you captured seemed to go viral! Has that topped it?

Well the cockatoo pic was kind of a 'meme' in a way with people dressing it up and adding captions to it. The ‘First in, First Ripple’ is obviously much more to do with aesthetics and a photo that I’m actually really proud of. I was amazed by the “ripple” effect (no pun intended) that it received, even up to last week. The swimwear brand Arena just shared it on their Facebook Page. That day was a cold crisp morning, I was with colleagues and clients coming all the way from Los Angeles and keen to experience a Morning Bondi session. When the swimmer started to walk around the edge of the pool and decided to dive in the silky water, I was just in heaven. I just knew that it was going to be a good one! As they say; In photography, timing is everything.

If you were to give advice to a budding photographer to use Bondi as their backdrop and inspiration what advice would you give? 

Today, sometimes you have more people with a camera or a phone than without - no joke. The competition is fierce for who’s going to post the best photo, with or without a filter. We do live in a generation that is all about ‘if you haven't taken a photo of it you weren’t there’. So let’s be honest, when you bother waking up at 5:30am to exercise you better share it with the world.

Bondi Beach is already packed with photographers so my advice would be you better go elsewhere if you don’t want to end up being just another number.

When I started Morning Bondi, 5 years ago, I was one of only a few down there taking photos everyday. Obviously Eugene from Aquabumps (who’s been doing that for the last 18 years) was one, as well as Brad & Franck from Frothers. 

Going back to the advice, I would say work hard to find your own style and subjects e.g. portraits and macro. Look for always changing angles (not exactly like me! I take at least 50% of my photos between the platform South Bondi and the Icebergs.) 

What’s in store for you and Morning Bondi this year?

2016 was a pretty amazing year for Morning Bondi with heaps of prints sold and collaborations that took place. Probably one of the most exciting ones to date was to road test the new Pixel phone by Google and having some of my photos projected at the official launch. Anyway, 2017 promises to be as good or even better. I’m actually working on something pretty big as we speak but unfortunately can’t say anything as yet. Don’t worry, you will be amongst the first ones to know. Stay tuned!


What has been your top 3 moments at the beach for Morning Bondi? 

Let me think. It’s hard to say as I’ve had so many great moments in the last five years. If I had to choose, most recently, I would say it was the morning when (almost) all of my mates were there to celebrate my birthday. That was pretty amazing!

One of the last mornings before my wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter and she decided to join the crew for a Morning Bondi session.

Finally, a couple of months ago when I was with all of my mates, something that is becoming quite rare these days.

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