The Bondi Underwear Story

Born of Bondi Beach, Campbell & Hall undergarments epitomise the easy-going lifestyle of the beach, with designs that appeal to the city-slicker’s sensibilities.

From the barber that cuts it just-so, to the barista that never burns the beans, when us gents find something we can trust there’s simply no reason to stray. The same goes for the briefs and basics we don.

Alan Norman is the man behind Campbell & Hall, as the name suggests, it's inspired by the streets of Bondi. Campbell & Hall came about from the continual frustration of family and friends who were always commenting on how difficult it was to find comfortable, classic underwear and sleepwear for the average guy.

We get it - you live in your dacks. And we’re here to support that, with comfortable fabrics, brilliant fits and high quality production techniques.

Welcome to Campbell & Hall. We expect we’ll be spending quite a bit of time together.