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Photographer: Rob Read

Photographer: Rob Read

Above: Rob Read aka @bobby.j

Rob Read is a photographer enthusiast from Sydney, having spent the past year in Bondi. We were lucky enough to have Rob on board for our most recent campaign in Bondi with Dylan Rivier, Brandy Martignago, David Paul, and Ace Conlon. Taking photos isn’t Rob's day job, but you wouldn’t know it. Taking his inspiration from Bill Henson, and shooting the likes of Hugh Sheridan, Rob’s moody, play on light photographs are filled with depth and movement, and definitely one’s to watch out for. 

When Rob's not behind the lens he like's enjoying the local area, heading to the beach and going to cafés. "I’m a pretty chilled guy!" he says. Rob was nice enough to give us some time, which coincidentally was his birthday, to talk about his photography…

So is photography your main gig?

I’ve always been interested, and generally only just got back into it over the past 2-3 years, I’m actually in insurance, but my main hobby is photography. There have been times I’ve thought about making that jump for it to be a full time gig, but I quite like that I do it purely just for me and that’s why I like it as my thing to do outside of work, so for now I'm happy for it just being my side project.

You’ve had a great reaction from Instagram, was that a surprise for you?

Is was quite a shock, as Initially I only took photos of everyday kind of stuff, and suddenly the count of followers went up quite quickly, which brought it’s own kind of benefits I guess, with travel, meeting new people, and doing different things. So yeah, it’s quite surreal and definitely not what I expected.

Above: David Paul, wearing the Hall Brief

What would you say your style of photography is?

Beachscapes and portrait photography are my favourite styles. Usually, a lot of things I like about photos is the light, so generally I choose to shoot in the evening or first thing in the morning, or even that golden hour of last light in the afternoon. I like to get my subjects half in the light, and half in the shadows. I guess I always choose those lighting situations but when I edit, I like to edit it that way.

Above: Brandy Martignago 

 Are there any styles you’d like to try out or explore more of?

I’d like to do more portraits and lifestyle by capturing more of locals in the area. I guess I’m a bit nervous about going up to people in the street! but would be great to do more of that. I would love to try film photography. There’s something about the aesthetic I love and try to incorporate different tones of colour into my own work.

It’s been a coincidence that I’ve mostly shot male subjects, as I usually shoot people who reach out to me via my Instagram, but more recently I’ve worked with some female subjects as i've started reaching out to people I’d like the chance to work with which has been great.

Above: Ace Conlon, wearing the Owen 3/4 Track Pants. 

Anywhere in the world you’d love to shoot?

New York! I’ve never been there before but would love to go. I think as well as beaches I love to shoot cities, but since moving from Darlinghurst to Bondi I don’t get the chance to do it anymore.

What are your plans for this year?

My partner and I are moving up the coast this year, but will back to Bondi all the time on weekends I’m sure. I'd like to shoot a lot more! I’m hoping to put together my own website for the photography, but for now I’m happy with Instagram. 

To follow Rob's work or get in touch you can find him on Instagram or email robert.read@iinet.net.au 


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