• Man About Town: Anthony Kaplan

Man About Town: Anthony Kaplan

Man About Town: Anthony Kaplan

 Above: Anthony wears the Sandridge Hooded Poncho 

Anthony 'Kappa' Kaplan certainly doesn't believe in taking it easy, but rather the sky's the limit. With a couple of successful pop-up's under his belt including the Garden Bar; a pop-up over Summer at Sydney Opera House, and owner of some of Bondi's favourite venues; Panama House, The Corner House, and Bondi Bowling Club, we can't see Kappa stopping there.

Starting out with a café where Brown Sugar is now located, and after beginning The Shop & Wine Bar venture twelve years ago (now belonging to current owner Lucy Tinsdale) Kappa has seen and done a lot, including having the pleasure of seeing Bondi change throughout the years where small bars and cafés were the minority, to now seeing them flourish in the Bondi scene. We were lucky to have Anthony take part in one of campaign shoots, shot by Larnce Gold, and we had a chance to ask a few quick fire questions...


How did it feel taking on the Bondi Bowling Club and this part of Bondi history?

Its been a great project, being a long time resident, its super exciting working with a heritage venue like Bondi Bowling.

Is there something you think Bondi bars do better than anywhere else?

They marry beach & urban very well.

Above: Anthony enjoying what The Corner House has to offer.

He wears the Owen Track Pants. 

If Bondi had a cocktail, what would it be?

I feel it has to be an Aperol Spritz. Refreshing, tasty & prefect for a Bondi Summer. 

What is your go-to weekend wear?

I’m all about comfort.

 Above: Anthony wears the Roscoe Cut-Off Sweat Navy 

In Bondi, (apart from your own venues) where do you go for:

Food? Pizza & Porchetta.
Coffee? La Liadina.
Drinks? Neighbourhood is great.

 Above: Anthony wears the Chambray Pyjama Pants

Drop in for a cold one or some great food...

The Corner House @cornerhousebondisydney 

Panama House @panamahouse

Bondi Bowling Club @bondibowlingclub 

On 18th May Bondi Bowls will be hosting the Bondi Disruptors networking event launch party. Get your tickets here.