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Acai Brothers: Sam Carson

Acai Brothers: Sam Carson


Sam Carson, originally from Balmain in Sydney, is a 25 year old travel enthusiast, entrepreneur, and marketing professional. Sam moved to Queensland when he was just 3 years of age and has been travelling back and forth from Queensland to Sydney ever since. 

Sam's background is in health and fitness and now a successful part owner of a gym franchise called Snap Fitness Cleveland in Queensland. Having been in the health and fitness industry for over 9 years, Sam has a few roles under his belt including sales consultant, manager, personal trainer and owner. Sam thought it was time for a change and to utilise his creative and entrepreneurial mind.

This brings us into the Acai Brothers world, which all began in October 2015.

What’s the Acai Brothers story?...

Its said that all amazing ideas start from a seedling and grow as you water them with passion, commitment and hard work. Well this story instead starts out with a berry and two best mates! Myself and Ben Day, two adventures from Australia found themselves on a trek of self discovery, realization and enlightenment in the Amazonian forest. Dubbed by the locals as the Acai brothers of the Amazon, we were determined to do what many thought impossible, bring the best darn tasting acai bowls to Australia! 

What’s it like to be apart of the Bondi community?

As you are aware we have an Acai Brothers store in Bondi and may I say the Bondi community is absolutely beautiful. With a range of personalities from creative to focused to bizarre, I believe Bondi is one of the best communities throughout the world.


Is there something you think the Acai Brothers do better than anywhere else?

Acai Brothers are known as the “bowl specialists” and that is something that we pride the brand on. We don’t worry about competition as the more the merrier in our world, but what we are tremendous at is reading the marketplace.


How would you describe the Bondi lifestyle and food culture right now?

I think Bondi is a food lover’s heaven. There are an enormous amount of cafés and restaurants on the streets around the beach, with many phenomenal views. I believe the best word to describe Bondi’s food culture right now is “variety”.

In terms of lifestyle I believe it is famous for its impeccable ocean views, pristine sands and trustworthy surf. It is definitely laid back yet contains many thriving people who want to succeed.

So health and fitness is important to you…how does Bondi fit into your daily routine?

When I'm in Bondi, I don’t actually go to the gym, but I try to do a lot of outdoor activities to keep the mindset strong and the body reactive. I go to the Bondi Bars or alternatively run along the boardwalk, or find a sneaky hill and smash that for some epic sets.

Above: Training with mate and co-owner TJ Kooner. 

Best highlight of the Acai Brothers journey so far?

The best highlight of the Acai Brothers so far is that we as business owners and creators of the brand are helping the world with an increase of knowledge about eating and living a healthier lifestyle.

Other Bondi favourites?:

Bondi Icebergs.

- Scuba Diving.

- Walking to Bronte or Coogee

Follow the Acai Brothers journey here or catch up with Sam on Insta.

 Website: acaibrothers.com.au

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