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Bondi Barber Lounge

Tucked away in Roscoe Street is the quirky Bondi Barber Lounge. Clean cut and hipster sharp it's one of the best this side of the beach. Small in size but full of charm, this old school and very cool barbers is so refreshing in it's style and quintessential Bondi look it's hard to resist not taking a peak. If you like fluffy cats called Batman, the soothing tunes of good ol' bluesy rock, and being surrounded by antique memorabilia, than this my friend is for you...

Janneke, who has lived in Sydney the past 5 years, tells us that she is thoroughly enjoying the little hub and 'beautiful mess' that is Bondi...

What made you set up in Bondi?

I've been here for 5 years now, and to be honest before I moved here I didn't want to live here at all, I didn't even like visiting Bondi! My friends wanted to move here, so I ended up moving here - and then you know, I found it's changed quite a lot, it's so calm and different - now I love Bondi! It's the kind of place you can sit at a cafe and talk to random people, you have breakfast with random people - and you don't even know their name! I love it. 

Have you always cut hair? 

I've had 12 years in the industry. I started out with both male and female hair. I went on holiday one year and when I came back I found It difficult to get a job at any female salon at the time - I didn't really like doing male hair at this time. But then I happened to get a job in the city doing male hair, it was like a big spa just for guys, and it was the best! I was only going to be there until I got a job in a female salon, but then all the guys who were coming in there were so interested in fashion and what was going on, products, hair styling - it wasn't just a quick cut, get in, get out, or just because their girlfriend wanted them there, and I liked that. I began to find certain styles that were a challenge which I really enjoyed - I found it was like 'food porn' but with hair! 

How did the Barber Lounge happen?

After 4 years of working in the city, I was working from home in Bondi. I happened to cycle past here one day and saw that the shop was up for lease. I didn't even know if I could afford it at the time to be honest, I had no clue about owning a shop. I rang the real estate and worked out that I could afford it with the clients that I had back then- so I just took it! It's like it was all meant to be. I did the shop up with my partner back then, and everything just fell into place! It's been awesome because I haven't advertised, I have a website, but it's all just been word of mouth! 

What would you say is the 'Bondi look'?

It's funny, with people who have just moved here (a lot of my clients are English and Irish) they have a certain look - then they'll come in and want to try something new - I get a lot of short back and sides with the long hair over the top, so perhaps you could call that 'Bondi'. 

Any plans for another Barber Lounge?

There is a small part of me that would like something in Byron. When I visited I realised there's not really anything like this up there, and it has a similar vibe to Bondi and I would really like that - it would be nice to work there a few days and then here for a few days! Hah - But for now, there's no actual plans, but it would be nice - For now i'm planning on my travels this year to Burning man and Mexico which I can't wait for! 

When you're not working?

I'm such a beach person, in summer it'll be the beach and the gym (maybe not so much in the winter!) I love 2n12, they have yummy wine! Every time I go there I seem to have a good night - It's just cool. Speak Easy and Chapter One also, and being on Hall St and Glenayr - or you can most likely find me rummaging through all the street sales around here, I love all that, I think it just adds to the shabby chicness of Bondi, it's such a beautiful mess! 

You can pop in and say hey to Janneke 7 days a week...




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