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Fitness Yogi: Caroline Groth

Caroline Groth is a yogi, health and fitness enthusiast with a love for life and everything it holds. Originally from Denmark, Caroline has been calling Bondi her home for almost 5 years now. It was a cancer diagnosis a few years back that turned Caroline’s life around and kick started the holistic healthy lifestyle that she leads today. Her hope is to inspire others to live a healthy, sustainable & mindful lifestyle in their own way and meet as many wonderful and amazing people on the journey that’s called life.

What have been some highlights of your Instagram @Carolinehgroth journey so far? 

People are so loving and supportive of what I do. The highlights will be the continuous encouragement and support I receive every single day from all my amazing followers. Whether I share my hard or good times I know it’s always a non-judgmental forum where I can air my innermost thoughts and feelings.

What I also love, and still baffles me, is when people either come up to me or stop me on the street, telling me they follow me on Instagram and not only love, but relate to my posts. I feel incredibly grateful to meet so many wonderful human beings & one of the big reason to why I keep on doing what I’m doing.

We hear you practice yoga – what do you love most about it?

Yes, I’m a (proud!) yogi-fanatic! Yoga to me is so much more than an exercise-form. To me it lays in the spiritual aspect, too. When I practise yoga I feel at ease. I feel positive, I feel comfortable with myself, I feel connected with the universe and have faith in whichever obstacles it throws at me I will come out on the other side stronger & wiser. It’s incredibly hard to explain in words, but for me it’s the raw, unedited version of yourself that you have to deal with in these moments. It’s not a team-sport, it’s not about who’s finishing the race first – it’s about being aware of every single point of your body and letting yourself embrace every single feeling, good or bad, and ultimately having to deal with these in that very moment. Yoga for me is dealing with the past, living in the present and preparing myself for what the future may hold for me.

What’s your next adventure? 

From a business perspective, I suppose a lot of people don’t actually know that I’m Head of Ecommerce for Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia for one of the world’s biggest organisations, so clearly that takes up a lot of my time. Growing and developing in this role, professionally and personally is a big thing for me. I have a lot of aspirations for myself and becoming one of the top Ecommerce Leaders in Australia, if not the world, is definitely something that I’m working well towards.

On a personal level, I want to do much more with my Social Media Platforms. I always have a lot of exciting proposals coming through that I want to start taking the time to do more with and develop, putting my own spin on it. I love to travel, so it’s something I would want to do more of by tying it in with my cooking, yoga and mindful lifestyle. I’m heading to Hawaii with a good friend of mine in July and to say I cannot wait, would be an understatement. Hawaii holds a special place in my heart and it’s about time to go back to make new, long-lasting memories.

I also have my birthday coming up in October and for the past 3 years I’ve decided, that on my birthday, I need to go to a country/city I’ve never been. The past few years I have been to Hawaii, Los Angeles and Thailand. I’m still trying to figure out where to go this year though?

How do you find inspiration for your recipes?

I’m a ‘create-as-I-go-along’-type of cook. I never sit down and think about which flavours or ingredients may go well together. Or write long ingredients lists and ‘how-tos’. I open my fridge (which I always try to keep stocked with fresh produce) or cupboards with staples like coconut oil, raw nuts & seeds, dried fruits etc. and pull out a bunch on my kitchen-top and start creating. I may have seen some colours or ingredients that look pretty together on an Instagram post (that’s not to say it always taste as nice as it looks!) and I’ll decide to work with those ingredients but whip up something different. I’m also a visual eater, so food has to appeal to, not just my taste-buds, but all my other senses as well.

What’s your go to Bondi winter style?

Ripped jeans, good basic T-shirt or L/S Shirt, Leather Jacket, finished with a pair of boots, Superga’s or Vans. Beanie optional for the colder months!

In Bondi, where do you like to go for:

Food? Porch & Parlour, Cali Press, Bangbok Bites, Bondi Hardware
Coffee?  I don’t drink coffee (I KNOW!), but I’m an avid Chai-lover. Alice & Gertrude makes THE chai!
Drinks? Bondi Hardware for laughs, good times & a few glasses of Malbech!
Small Adventures? – The drain at South Bondi for my sunrise & sunset yoga practice whilst watching the world go by.


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Instagram: @Carolinehgroth
Facebook: www.facebook.com/greenerresolutions
Website: www.greenerresolutions.com

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