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Mulga The Artist: Joel Moore

Mulga is Joel Moore, a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga clothing label. 

They do say life can imitate art, and with Joel's bushy pirate beard, sunglasses, flat-cap, and easy-going personality, you can probably see a similarity in his artwork. Known for his unique style of intricate line work & bright colours, Mulga’s art 'brings to life a world where tropical bearded men run rampant, lions smoke tobacco pipes, tigers wear diamond sunglasses and gorillas rule the world like some kind of funky planet of the apes.'...He's a pretty cool dude. 

"I hand draw my art using Posca paint markers and recently have been loving painting with flouro paint. Someone once described my art as 'it pulsates with an untrammelled use of colour and is made up of textured shapes and intricate line work that transcendently floats with emotion.' Someone really described it like that, no joke! Sounds pretty good to me."

Joel only had his first art show launching his art career in early 2012, although it comes across as he's been a pro at this a lot longer -  Since then, he's had 40 shows, won gold at the 2013 Illustrators Australia awards, and been the finalist and peoples choice winner at Hazelhurst's 2013 Art on Paper prize. His creative portfolio to date is an impressive one to say the least, and Joel's recent work has included; Microsoft, Virgin Mobile, MTV, Adidas, Mambo, Schweppes, Sol Beer, Channel 7 Sunrise, Australia’s Got Talent, Beach Burrito Co, and Tommy Franklin to name a few! 

"I enjoy writing a weird poem for every one of my creations because who doesn’t like a weird poem - plus it’s a neato way to make people smile...the truth is I just want to paint rad pictures that I love and that other people love and that make people smile like a crocodile." 

Joel is currently writing and illustrating a kids book, and also keeping busy painting murals on building, in buildings, running workshops, painting live at events whilst collaborating with awesome people and organisations.

Have you always been a keen painter?

I have always loved doodling and drew lots of dodgy muscle man characters and Bart Simpson heads when I was a young boy. If there is a pen nearby I cannot help but to doodle something out, I think it is an addiction.

What gets your creative juices flowing the most?

Being able to paint big bright hairy things is really fun. Developing new and different ideas and realising that they could really work gets me excited to paint them.

Which artists are you a big fan of?

At the moment I am really inspired by artists who are painting awesome artworks on large walls on buildings. A couple are Fintan Magee, Low Bros, Alexis Diaz, and Nychos.

What has been a highlight of your work so far?

Being able to be an artist full time and support my family has been a massive highlight. It has been the realisation of my dream to have a job that I actually like to do.

Could you describe Bondi in a short poem?

An Ode to Bondi Beach

A place of sand, sun, fun and salt

When you get a milkshake get it vanilla malt

When you dip in her waters so clear

A magic dolphin song is what you will hear

The End

What’s your next adventure?

I am writing a kids book at the moment and it's going to be a fun adventure into unexplored territory.

In Bondi, where do you like to go for:

Food? La Piadina - run by three Italian brothers they make the most amazing tasting Piadina’s.
Coffee? La Piadina
Drinks? Beach Road Hotel - I love the murals upstairs.
Artwork? La Piadina, every month a new artist paints on the outside of their café. It is really cool. I painted a bunch of flamingos back in April.

You can see Joel's most recent artwork on the walls in Oporto Coogee, the wall of Bondi Skatepark,  and his recent mural of Captain Fluro on the Bondi Boardwalk. 

Follow @mulgatheartist and Joel's work at mulgatheartist.com.au


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