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Anchor Shapes Paddleboards: Rosie & George

Rosie and George have both been raised on the ocean and have salt running through their veins, however, neither of them are all that fond of the cold so Sydney seemed like a smart move! They moved to Australia from the South Coast of England six and four years ago respectively. 

How did Anchor Shapes come about?

The two of us found that getting out on the water in Sydney was a must, only in the case of enjoying the harbour it involves quite a bit of cash and a lot of admin (we tried boats first). We’ve been paddle boarding for nearly ten years now and realised there was a severe lack of interesting, lightweight and versatile boards at an affordable price point, we’ve tried our best so far to fill this gap.

What inspired the name?

Anchors are very Symbolic for us. Rosie has smuggler heritage and I come from a long line of sailors. On arrival in Bondi it also appeared that Anchors mean a lot to a lot of people here going on the amount of anchor tattoos we see! Shapes because we like to experiment with a vast array of different designs for both surfboards and SUPs.

Funny story whilst out paddle boarding?

I had fish guts and large crabs thrown at me whilst training back in the UK by an angry fisherman. My friend was leading the way up river and exchanged some verbal abuse with said fisherman, by the time I turned up the fisherman had got physical with his bait. Rosie SUPped around the corner from Camp Cove (up at Watson’s Bay) she was confronted with an army of nudist hanging out at Lady Bay.

Where us your favourite SUP destination and why?

Sydney, it has it all. Perfect flat water spots for any wind, great surf if you drive a little out of town and testing down winders. New Caledonia also has some great uncrowded reef passes.

What advice would you give someone who’s looking to start paddle boarding?

If you’re able to make it to Rose Bay, come down for one of our demo days (stay tuned on our facebook or instagram). They’re free and lots of fun. We can talk you through the basics of getting going and what sort of board will suit you best.

In Bondi, where do you like to go for?...

Food?  George: Brown Sugar
             Rosie: Bondi Fish
Coffee? George: Atlas (It'll be missed!) 
              Rosie: Harry’s
Drinks? George: Vue
              Rosie: Bondi Hardware
SUP?   George: Rose bay
             Rosie: Rose Bay & Gordon’s Bay when its flat


Rosie and George have some pretty special new boards arriving in about two months time and will be running regular demo days at Rose Bay from August right through to the Summer. 

Follow AnchorShapes @anchorshapespaddleboards on Instagram and on Facebook for updates.

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