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The Modern Journal: Patrick Higgins

The Modern Journal: Patrick Higgins

“There is a burning spirit deep within every man to rise above the mundane in order to find the amazing”

Patrick Higgins is the founder and creator of The Modern Journal. TMJ is an online platform designed to re-capture the spirit of adventure through stories of global wanderings. Through Patricks traveling and writing, The Modern Journal captures a clean, 'breath of fresh air' vibe with a 'Choose your path' exploration ethos aimed at the modern man. 

Patrick was born and raised on the coast of Victoria, just outside of Torquay. 

"I guess that’s why I have certain love affair with wild and rugged coastlines. At the age of sixteen my parents packed up house and shifted myself, my four sisters and brother north to Noosa which is where most of my family still reside. I’ve been surfing (or in) the ocean for most of my life and find that I can’t spend too long away from the shoreline. When I was twenty-one I disappeared overseas and I haven’t really stopped travelling since."


"I used hospitality as a way of financing my adventures and would jump from country-to-country as often as possible. I returned to study later in life and fell into sports journalism working for Sportal and the NSW Warratahs before shifting to magazines with Men’s Fitness where I stayed for over a year. By a twist of fate I fell into Travel Writing picking up an internship with Australian Traveller magazine and found it was an instant love affair - I stayed on with them as a staff writer after the internship for over a year before I decided to branch out on my own to start The Modern Journal."

How would you describe The Modern Journal and how did it all start?

The Modern Journal is an online platform designed to re-capture the spirit of adventure. For me the Journal is a way of painting a picture for our readers to inspire us to reconnect with the world outside. The marriage of both wild and beautiful landscapes along with fashion brands that blend with the environment and moment help to create that perfect image of inspiration. It all started because I felt there was something missing when it came to promoting a certain type of travel - staying clear of the five-star hotel in order to gain an experience that would never leave you. The website launched late last year in November so we still have many adventures to pursue.

What is it about travel you love so much?

For me what I love about travel is the constant sensory overload - new food, people, landscapes, moments. It pulls you out of your comfort zone and forces you to engage in things you normally wouldn’t. There is nothing like the feeling of experiencing something completely new over and over again. It truly is an addiction, and as a traveller you’re constantly in search of that high.

What do you enjoy about coming back to Bondi?

I love coming home and diving straight into the water, nothing fixes me up more. That, a good coffee (which is sometimes hard to find abroad), catching up with mates and sleeping in my own bed.

What clothing do you consider when preparing for a trip and is style or comfort more important?

For me it’s the perfect mix of style and comfort. Brands these days know how to blend functional with fashionable and I always look for that when purchasing, I really put my gear through its paces so they have to hold up.

 Above: Patrick wears grey marle Simpson Long Johns in NYC.

You recently took C&H on your travels – how did you go in the snow?

The C&H gear saved my life! I was hiking across a frozen Lake Louise in Banff on a balmy -28 degree afternoon, without the onesie on underneath I think they’d be pulling my frozen arse out of the woods right now. Also the gear was comfy as hell to wear on its own kicking about indoors.

Above: Patrick wears Watson Union Onepiece & Knowles Knit Beanie in NYC. 

Best Adventure so far?

Too many to choose! Sailing the Alaskan coastline and up to Tracy Arm Fjord was pretty incredible. On approach to the glacier our boat was brushing past massive chunks of ice as we cut through such still water it felt like we were floating on glass. That’s one of those few places I’ve been where everyone you’re with stops talking, no because there was nothing to talk about, but because you’re rendered silent in awe of such beauty.

What exploration is planned for 2016?

I’ve always got a few in mind, but this year I'm hoping to head to the Scottish Highlands to explore for a while and maybe a few small trips around Oz in between.

You can follow Patrick's journey here 



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