• Road Test with Matty Nightingale

Road Test with Matty Nightingale

Road Test with Matty Nightingale


Fashionista, blogger, and lifestyle-o-holic Matty Nightingale takes Campbell & Hall for a quickie...

One word to describe your new undies...


Are these your new party pants?

Definitely my go-to undies, especially when hitting the gym. They are ultra soft and super flexible.

Above: Warners Classic Sports Trunk

What’s more important to you? Comfort, style, or value for money? 

A combination of all 3 to be honest. You want look and feel good in what you’re wearing while not spending a ridiculous amount of money and Campbell and Hall has all bases covered.

Favourite style of undies?

I would have to say trunks. They’ve got to sit quite low and not have too much length in the leg while still having plenty of support.

Above: Cox Rib Boxer Trunk

What would you like to see in future C&H undies?

Maybe some more patterned options and potentially introducing some active wear but otherwise it’s such a great, stylish and quality range.


Matty showing us how lounge days go down in the Simpson Long Johns...