• Road Test with Pete Dickin

Road Test with Pete Dickin

Road Test with Pete Dickin

Our customers are important to us, because they are what C&H is all about! We gave one of our biggest fans and a lifestyle guru Pete Dickin, a chance to road test our undies to get his honest opinion on them! whilst hopefully giving you our readers some insight into our product (and hopefully make it a little easier in choosing that next gift for the boyfriend, father, or brother!) 

"I have embraced all that is the 'Lifestyle' this city has to offer. From fashion to food to scenery and experiences, I love it….and sharing it with others even more. To explore a point of difference I moved to Melbourne for four years, loving the culture and people, however only to return to chase that sun & sea Sydney is known for. Currently residing in the Inner West, I travel East every day for work, and relish the chance to dip in the ocean post busy work day."


"I’ve worked as a Stylist/Personal Shopper and now bring my creative, rag-trade past into the present by acting as E-commerce Manager at Bondi menswear label Venroy. This role see’s me working with similar situations to previous employment, but in an online environment. Looking at digital content and customer experiences when shopping for that perfect wardrobe piece online."

"I have a rarely known obsession with automotives and driving, and enjoy cooking to calm my racing mind. If I’m not cooking I’m out dining and taking in what hospitality the city I’m in has on show. Having that constant “itch” and inability to sit still for too long, I like to release built up energy by training crossfit every morning, and keeping active on weekends with my 2 dogs, Mack & Kingston either running around the bay or at the dog beach."

"I have constant aspirations to keep traveling when life permits, and I hope to bring myself online more as a personality to share experiences and wisdom. I’ve been told I have the ‘gift of the gab’ which can be a blessing and a curse. However, if I can channel that into a means to open people eyes and broaden some horizons… I’d be so proud."


Road Test: The Buckler Sports Jock Strap

 One word to describe your new undies...

Barely-there! (technically 2 words, I know)

Are these your new party pants?

I’ve been wearing them to the gym more than anywhere else, however I was just in humid Bali and had a night out sweating it up on the dancefloor. I opted for as little fabric as possible and I’ll tell you, it made all the difference!


What’s more important to you…comfort, style, or value for money? Where do you think C&H ranks in this?

I like my undies, briefs or trunks, to be as streamlined as possible as not to add bulk under jeans, pants, or shorts. C&H have mastered the flat-lying seam and thin but sturdy cotton. I also like to parade around in them at home during those summer nights, so style is important. Classic, solid colours are always a winner with minimal branding. C&H ranks pretty perfectly with all of the above, so I’m always pleased.


Favourite style of undies?

The Flecther hipster trunk was the ideal hybrid between briefs and boxer-briefs. It covered enough skin and fully supported with just enough leg length to not get caught up on the thigh when opting for “fashionably” form fitting jeans and trousers.

What would you like to see in future C&H undies?

As above, more Flecther trunks for sure, bring back more styles in that shorter length! More sportswear options would be great to offer, thinking of jogging and training with moisture-wicking properties. I’d also love to see a swimwear option introduced, the possibilities are endless.