• Brief History: The Jockstrap

Brief History: The Jockstrap

Brief History: The Jockstrap

So as we all know the jockstrap can look slightly amusing and gain a few laughs, but the purpose in this modern day and age is that it's rather important to protect a man's modesty with all the ever increasingly popular contact sports.

But credit where credit's due, it seems to be climbing up the fashion ladder in it's own right, not just for use of hitting the gym or playing sport but as a more comfortable and supportive alternative to everyday undies.

Jockstraps may often be seen advertised these days as going down the sexier and risqué route, but the origins of the jock aren’t quite so and were intended to be extremely practical indeed...

Surprisingly the word 'jock strap' does not just come from the American football player (In fact, the word ‘jock’ meaning ‘athlete’ comes from the fact that they wear jockstraps) but can be traced back yonks ago to 1897. Most likely, it came from the word 'jockey strap', not for a jockey on a horse, but a jockey on a bike, the jockey strap being the go-to garment for nineteenth century hipster bikers. 

It was in 1874 when the Bike Jockey Strap product was manufactured in the United States by the fashion forward company BIKE as a supporter that would protect the 'junk in the trunk' (Basically for any bikers who were having a doozy on the cobbled streets of Boston,) as they cycled about. 


The jockstrap soon crossed the globe and it rapidly progressed in 1927 when it was a Canadian company that decided to add a hard cup to give athletes protection against any stray hockey pucks and studded boots that should come their way. Since then it’s been a staple for jocks worldwide. 

We'd like to think that the Buckler Sports Jockstrap is now a staple down under too...

Top 5 reasons we love the jock...
1. It doesn't ride up
2. It keeps the soldier well covered and in place. 
3. Great for high velocity sporting movements.
4. More practical as it increases your mobility during activity.
5. Provide excellent support and comfort. 
(Unofficial reason number six - It shows off your best assets!)