• Bondi Beach Bar Brutes: Stan Veniaminov
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Bondi Beach Bar Brutes: Stan Veniaminov

Bondi Beach Bar Brutes: Stan Veniaminov

Photograph courtesy of Morning Bondi

Stan is a personal trainer who works around the Eastern Suburbs. He also founded the Bondi Beach Bar Brutes fitness group. Loving his job getting people fit, he also keeps busy acting in commercials, tv shows, and being a fitness model.

Obsessed with the Bondi lifestyle, good food, coffee, and the locals; you can find him hanging out down a the North Bondi Outdoor Gym most of the time...

 Photograph by Mauricio Mar 

How did Bondi Beach Bar Brutes come about?

It started in 2012 with the idea to bring everyone, who trains in Bondi, together once a month and to learn from each other. 

Above: Bar Brutes at the Bondi Bars. Photograph courtesy of Bondi Beach Bar Brutes

How long have you been a personal trainer? Have you always been into your health and fitness?

I've been a personal trainer for the past five years. Prior to that I did accounting in Sydney. I soon found out it wasn’t for me, so decided to study fitness. At that time I was more into martial arts, like boxing and jiu jitsu. Now I just enjoy general fitness, as long as I break sweat I am happy! 

 Above: Stan doing his thing rocking the Penkivil Blueprint Boxer Shorts

We recently spoke with Fred Nunes from Acronuts – Do the Bar Brutes train with Acronuts and vice versa?

Yes, we all train together, its more fun and it's a positive environment. Plus it encourages more females to be active and learn bodyweight training.

Why do you think training outside has become so popular?

Its fun and functional, fresh air, social, creative and free.

Above: Rope Racing! Photograph by Chris Kim 

What is your favourite thing about training next to Bondi Beach?

Definitely being able to go for a swim straight after training.


Photograph by Paul Amestoy  

How can people get involved with Bar Brutes?

Everyone is welcome to join our 1st Sunday of new month meetings, make friends and workout together.

In Bondi, where do you like to go for?

Food? - Sadhana, great raw food café.
Coffee? – Organic coffee! I am a regular at About Life in Bondi Junction. 
Drinks? – I quit drinking since I quit my accounting job.

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