• Behind the scenes: Hotel Bondi

Behind the scenes: Hotel Bondi

Behind the scenes: Hotel Bondi

Our most recent campaign shoot took us to local digs Hotel Bondi. Huge thanks to the guys there, as we were able to get the perfect set-up for C&H's latest 'Australian Made' undies range launching September 2016. 

We were lucky enough to have the talented photographer Rob Read on board again, as well as Acronuts founder; Fred Nunes, and newcomer to C&H; Model Adrien Kute.

To say it was a rainy day is probably a slight understatement. Stormy, windy, and trees falling over is probably not what we had in mind for the backdrop to showcase the latest product. However saying that, the moody tones, charcoals and greys that came through on camera (plus Rob being an amazing photographer!) really represented Campbell & Hall well - plus Bondi seems to do a great job at looking good rain, hail, or shine.

The guys were troopers not to mention doing extremely well at pretending it wasn't -2 outside whilst in their tighty-whiteys!..



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