• Surfer and C&H Model: Jamay Evans
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Surfer and C&H Model: Jamay Evans

Surfer and C&H Model: Jamay Evans

We were lucky enough to have Jamay feature in a couple of our campaign shoots showcasing our C&H undies and track pants. Although Jamay is not just limited to a bit of modelling here and there, we had a chat to Jamay and thought his talents and goals were pretty darn inspiring...

"I like to spend my weekend down at Bondi as I feel my personality fits the freedom of self expression there..."

Jamay Evans is an up and coming surfer from North Narrabeen who lives an honest, humble and healthy life in a one bedroom apartment in Narrabeen across the road from the beach.  His hobbies range from fighting (MMA), yoga and the gym, as well as his main focus on self-improvement and self-motivation.

It would be an understatement to say that Jamay dreams big! With goals of becoming a winning competitor on the world tour and to become world champion in surfing.

Jamay mid-air: Photograph by Marley Evans 

"The law of Attraction is a universal law that I live by, and focus all my energy towards attracting my dreams."

As well as being a surfer Jamay is extremely dedicated to his fighting, and visions himself holding the lightweight belt in the UFC. Having only trained for 3 months and knowing that there’s still a long road ahead, that doesn't seem to deter Jamay!

"Just recently I’ve dedicated my time to learning movement principles and techniques from Ido Portal. He just visited Bondi so I took it upon myself to try and bump into him. Unfortunately I didn’t, but it was worth the effort!"  

Above: Jamay wears - Hall Briefs in grey marle

We here you’re a pretty good surfer?...

I started surfing at the age of 16 or 17 out North Narrabeen and within a year and a half joined the Boardriders club and started competing around Australia. 

Do you have any comps or events coming up? 

I might do a few WQS event in Australia but i'll see how that goes. My goal is to get to a level of surfing where I can make consistent videos that attract and relate to people in the surfing world that will be surprised and inspired by my skill level and see the hard work I put in to get there and continue to build my profile from that.

What do you do when you’re not in the water? 

I study surf clips and fighting clips in my spair time, and I work in Manly at a place called Daniel San on the weekends. 

I am currently studying at the international college of management in Manly into my second year. The course im doing is a business management degree majoring in marketing and new media. 

I haven't been out at all really in the last 4 months and don’t drink or smoke. This is because I stay dedicated and focused to my sport and passion. 

What will 2016 bring? 

Become the best possible version of myself. Make a huge impact on the surfing scene in Australia through my surfing videos and constant media uploads. 

What’s your favourite C&H product? 

I'd have to say the  Owen 3/4 Track Pants because their super comfy and feel good on my body.  

Above: Jamay wears - Owen 3/4 Track Pants in grey marle

In Bondi, where do you go for: Food? 
Coffee? Drinks? 

I'll have to go down to bondi this weekend to get a fee for what I like most but if I were to base it on when I would go out previously last year it would be eltopo basement in Bondi Junction, simply because of the beautiful girls and cool people that went there.

Lastly, how would you describe Bondi? And what do you love most and least about it? 

Bondi is the venice of Australia where people's difference's are accepted and being fit and healthy and eating healthy is the norm. 

The thing I love most bout Bondi is the diverse people and the friendliness and culture. 

The crowded surf is probably my least favourite! I get dropped in on and nearly run over everytime I go out there, but other than that Bondi is a beautiful place.

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