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C&H Model: Dan O'Keefe

Photograph by Jon Saad

Dan O'Keefe has featured in our campaign shoots, as well as feature throughout the Campbell & Hall site showing off our product and making it look damn good! - so we thought it was only right to catch up with Dan and ask how it all started and why he does what he does...

Dan was born and raised in Dubbo. Having a strong connection to the country town, he still visits often. Dan moved to Sydney for university where he completed his masters in urban planning. Modelling started after university and within just one month of being signed by Chadwick models he appeared on January 2010 Men's Health cover.

'It was very exciting and gave me the confidence to really pursue it properly."

Dan tells us he plans on doing a Modelling season in Cape Town next year but in the interim his main focus is on health and fitness and how he can inspire and reach out to others to share his ideas and make positive changes.

"Bondi is an amazing place to live. It's full of positive energy and opportunity. Beach, sun, and surf has been my mantra since moving here the start of 2015."  


Have you always wanted to be in the modelling industry? 

Health and fitness has long been my passion and Modelling was a natural byproduct of this approach. I love Modelling, I liken it to playing a character in movie. I have always had a vivid imagination and essentially every shoot has a different concept they are trying to achieve, the creatives help bring this to life and everyone on a shoot brings this character to life through the lens. There is nothing to dislike, it's an amazing job and grants an amazing lifestyle to travel, meet people, capture moments, and affords flexible hours to enjoy more of what I love. 

It looks like you have to keep pretty fit in your line of work! What’s your secret!? 

Fitness and health have evolved in different ways but has always played a vital role to my life and wellbeing. My secret is consistency. A little bit everyday, and that includes 20 to 40 minutes exercise, and  20 to 40 minutes healthy cooking and meal prep. Just by cutting out TV and putting down the phone instead of checking social media, you've already freed up three hours a day!


How would you describe Bondi fashion? What would you like to see more/less of? 

Simple and classic is key. Block colours with minimal prints. I'd like to see more Cowboy hats, they look cool and protect from those harsh rays!

What do you like to do when you’re not in front of a camera? 

Connect with family and friends. Use my influence and Reach out to others through the medium of health and fitness to share what I have learnt over a decade of dedicated effort. Enjoy the simple things - coffee, playing the guitar and piano, nanna naps, reading, sunshine, and time with the pooch.


Where would we find you on a hot Bondi day? 

I'm hiding in the shade in hot summers day. I'll pop down to beach in the late arvo before the sun rests it's head. Beautiful time of day!

How would you describe C&H? 

Classic, multi purpose and comfy! I've got a couple of items that travel everywhere with me. I even have a fave pair of C&H undies I wear to castings and I swear I get 99% more jobs because of them!! Haha.

What’s your favourite C&H product? Why? 

The grey brief undies, tanks for gym, beach, and hanging out. 

In Bondi, where do you go for:

Food? My kitchen *wink*
Coffee? Lock stock
Drinks? 2n12

You can follow Dan @iamdanok 

Dan wears: Photo 1. Hall Brief Photo 2. Cox Rib Boxer Trunk and Hardy Rib Tank Photo 3. Hardy Rib Tank and Hall Brief  Photo 4. Owen 3/4 Track Pants Navy 


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