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Meet the Locals: Keiron Lewis

Photograph by Franck Gazzola  

Originally from the bohemian pebbled shores of Brighton in the UK, Keiron Lewis is a surfer and talented creative now living in Sydney. Also known as Seamouse, Keiron has produced drawings and designs for books, murals, fashion, posters, and magazines around the world.

"I moved with my newly married wife to Sydney on a whim in 2009. It didn’t take long for us to realise that we wanted to live in Bondi and we’ve been here ever since."

"My illustration work mainly focuses on printmaking or referencing printmaking effects and methods and usually revolves around the smaller eccentricities of beach culture."


There must be a story behind the name Seamouse…

It was an offhand comment on my addiction to being in the ocean from a girl I met whilst travelling that was lost in translation. It stuck as a nickname for a while and seemed a fitting cognomen when I started showing my work.  Only a very few people actually call me by it anymore so it often takes me by surprise.

When did you start drawing? Did you always want to be an artist?

Damn, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been drawing. As a child instead of bedtime stories I’d take a sketchpad and pencils to bed. Growing up I wanted to be a cartoonist until I was introduced to design. By nature I’m a problem solver and ideas guy so it was love at first sight. I studied industrial design at university hoping to be the next Phillip Stark or Jonathon Eve but after graduating quickly realised I enjoyed graphic design and illustration far more.

Your artwork was featured on the Bondi graffiti wall, how did that come about and what was it like seeing it on the boardwalk?

I love the ever-changing boardwalk murals and like most Bondi locals often note new work that’s gone up when walking past.   Walking home after a swim in North Bondi my wife suggested I look into applying.   I loved putting it up there; on the whole people were super enthusiastic and I met some real characters while painting. Spending that amount of time in one spot on the boardwalk lets you overhear some amazing conversations too. It lead to some great new clients and for an Instagram nerd like me I loved seeing people’s selfies in front of it.

What’s in store this year?

I recently learned how to Risograph and instantly fell in love with the process, as it has all my favourite qualities from screen printing (another love of mine) but with a lot less of the hassles. I’ve made a couple of prints already but plan on making a lot more.

I’m also in the process of planning another mural for the Bondi sea wall and have an art piece to finish for a group show in Germany.

Tomorrow though I’m working for my toughest client carving a watermelon into the shape of a sharks head for my sons 4th birthday party.  

What would your perfect Sunday look like?

Wake at first light and creep out of the house for a sunrise surf for a couple of hours before coming back home when the family are waking up.

Meet up with friends for breakfast and coffee somewhere before playing on the beach. Or at Icebergs with my kids and finishing up the day with a date night with my beautiful wife at a gig or nice restaurant. A cheeky Messina Ice cream somewhere in there wouldn’t hurt too.

A MUST do in Bondi?...

Get up early and catch the sunrise from the water.

Your favourite C&H product and why?

I just got back from a trip to see family in the UK where I pretty much lived in the Clyde Pyjama pants and Lamrock Henley. Perfect combo for lounging around the house.

In Bondi, where do you go for:

Food? The Beaver, Soy, Bondi’s Best, Bondi Massive, Harrys, Bondi Hardware….too many good places to mention really.
Coffee? I’m pretty fortunate to live between Bondi Massive and M-Store both of which do great coffee. Other than those I love the coffee at Harrys and Will and Co. from Porch and Parlour.
Drinks? The Beaver, Icebergs, Bar Bondi hardware, Bondi Bowls or The Corner House.

Photograph by Bryce Thomas

You can find some of Keiron's work currently for sale at the loop shop – shop.theloop.com.au/collections/artist_keiron-lewis

Follow Keiron: 

Instagram - @keironjlewis

Facebook – www.facebook.com/KeironSeamouseLewis

Tumbler - keiron-seamouse-lewis.tumblr.com

Website – www.keironlewis.com

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