• C&H Model and 'The Voice' Door Pusher: David Paul
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C&H Model and 'The Voice' Door Pusher: David Paul

C&H Model and 'The Voice' Door Pusher: David Paul

Above: Meet David Paul. He wears: C&H Simpson Long Johns

Tattoo and exercise lover, David Paul, is originally from Marseille in the south of France. David arrived in Sydney three years ago, and since then has no intention of living anywhere else! We were lucky enough to have David involved with our winter and summer campaigns and now is a regular on our social feed...

 Above: David wears our Watson Union Suit 

How did you get into modelling and why do you enjoy it?

A friend of mine who started a photography school asked me to pose for him once for a project. He ended up sending those pictures to a modelling agency back home which was three and a half years ago now. I did few castings and a job from it but a month later I decided to head to Australia. When I arrived here I completely stopped, I was just travelling and working. Then, maybe one and a half years ago I did a photoshoot and got back into it. I enjoy it and it's fun, it's not my main focus but it's good money so I can't complain. 

Summer or Winter and why?

I would have to say Summer as I come from Marseille “La ville du Soleil!” (the city of sun). 

 Above: David wears our Owen 3/4 Track Pants

What do you love to do in Bondi the most?

Well I've lived in Coogee for a year now, but I come to Bondi all the time. I love to train; mostly running, playing basketball and skateboarding! It's such a good vibe for that and I love the outdoor gym here. I guess I mostly just like the fact you can chill out - grab a coffee with friends, and enjoy the sunshine!  

Above: David wears our Sandridge Hooded Poncho 

You got to be on The Voice as the 'Door Pusher' this year. What's it been like? 

Being on 'The Voice' has been amazing, you meet a lot of people. It's pretty chilled and relaxed, and everyone is really happy! 


Photo Credit: Nine Network/The Voice

How does Bondi compare to your home town?

I cant compare Sydney to Marseille… It wouldn’t be nice for my hometown haha. 

How would you describe Bondi fashion?

Cool, relaxed, and beachy. 

What’s your favourite C&H product?

The underwear is pretty comfortable! 

 Above: David wears our Hall Brief 

 You can follow David @davidrepaul or @doorpusher

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