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Bondi Local Lucy Tindale: The Shop & Wine Bar


Born and bred in Sydney, Lucy Tindale has been working in hospitality all her life. "You just have it in your blood." she says. 

Now working at The Shop for nearly 10 years, Lucy has had the opportunity to cook there, fall in love with everything surrounding fresh food, and also everything that is Bondi..."It's a dream come true". 


How did you come to work at The Shop?

I managed The Shop for several years for then owner, Kappa. I met my now husband, Mike, who shared the same passion for hospitality and an equal love for the ocean, hence being in Bondi Beach. We fell in love and he came on board as part of the team and knew The Shop and Wine Bar would be our future then and there.

We love The Shop so much and every thing we have created. It's a dream come true.

Above: Lucy and her husband, Mike (and partner in crime at The Shop).

Who are your customers?

We have locals who have been coming here for 10 years, everyday. We have young surfers, elderly, families, and young professionals. Its such a nice mix. Everyone who comes to The Shop feels like part of the family. Mike and I have two boys and every customer has watched them grow. I eat at The Shop all the time as its my most favourite place ever. 

How would you describe The Shop to someone that hasn’t been yet?

A comfortable, fun place to hang out, and enjoy coffee by day and drinks by night with the bonus of yummy food.

Why was Bondi the place for The Shop and what do you love about it?

It was the first small wine bar in Sydney. Bondi has a great local community and has a laid back feeling. It was so nice to have a small venue to be able to drink and chat with friends, instead of the usual pubs and nightclubs.

People who don't even know each other talk because its so small, you tend to hear everyones conversation and want to join in.

Just what is it about Bondi?...

As a family we walk down to the Bondi Markets and look at the fresh produce and support local businesses. My children love it as its like a big social gathering. We see all their friends and I get to catch up with people I haven't seen in ages. It's the best as I don't need to make plans, just head down to the markets!

We love to go to the beach. My husband is a big surfer, if he could he would go twice a day, everyday! We love Bondi so much, it has a very special place for us. The community are so supportive and full of love. I love the fact that we all look out for each other and have formed true friendships.

What’s in store? 

We are trying to support local businesses and stock Australian products. All our wines are from NSW. Everything counts. We don't have a full kitchen so limited to a lot of stuff, but creating clever food and drinks is what we love best, so look out for inspiring and yummy things.


In Bondi, where do you go for:

Food? Drake Eatery, Corner House, Da orazio, 2n12, Bondi Tony's

Coffee? Drake Eatery, Panama House

Drinks? Corner House, Neighborhood

You can follow Lucy and the gang on Instagram @theshopandwinebar and on Facebook


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