• Photographer: Beau Jones
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Photographer: Beau Jones


Beau Jones is the founder of SOBOIMAGE and a talented Sydney-based photographer whose passion lies in shooting all things wet. Beau’s interest in surf photography has been growing steadily since he was a teenager. Yet, incredibly, he only got behind a camera three years ago. Beau’s love for capturing the ocean and daily coastal life is reflected through the inherent beauty of his images.

How did SOBOIMAGE all start?

I’ve always had a passion for the ocean and spending time inside a breaking wave. Living an hour inland growing up made that difficult but also increased the enjoyment when I got to spend time in the salt. My wife Ali lived in Bondi and despite my best effort to get her to move to Maitland I packed up and moved down. A change of location allowed me to spend more time in the water and as a result my happiness went through the roof. SOBOIMAGE allows me to capture those moments that make me smile and hopefully make the viewers see a part of the world that only a small percentage get to see. 

How many times a week would you say you spent submerged?

Not enough haha, I could quite happily hang in the ocean fulltime if gills were an option. I try to get underwater everyday for at least a body surf, but when the conditions are right and I’m shooting, its easy enough to do a couple of 3 hour sessions in a day. 

Has photography always been your first passion?

Oddly enough no. I’m a qualified Early Childcare Educator and photography started as something to fill time in before and after work whilst waiting for Ali to get home. Once I started capturing something that has occupied so many of my memories it quickly took over.

What’s the best sight you’ve seen whilst taking pictures down at the beach?

Anytime you see marine life doing its thing in the ocean it’s pretty special. We’re incredibly lucky that depending on the time of the year we can have dolphins, whales, seals, and the odd lost penguin all hanging out in our front yard. Also witnessing people stoke out on a sunrise or the ocean never gets old.

If we bumped into you around Bondi what’s the most likely thing you would be doing? (apart from trusty camera in hand!)

Depending on time of the day: Grabbing a coffee, a beer, or a steak!

What is your go-to beach wear?

If I’m not running down with my housing, flippers and wetsuit, I like to keep it simple. Plain cotton tee, boardies, Valley eyewear and thongs.

In Bondi, where’s your favourite places to go for:

Taking Pictures? South Bondi in the morning, North Bondi at sunset. 

Food? Macelleria 

Coffee? Chapter One

Drinks? Bondi Hardware

You can check out Beau's work right here and follow his days in the water on Facebook 

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