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Gertrude and Alice: Jordan Turner

Above: Jordan Turner 

Gertrude & Alice have been operating in Bondi since 2000, they have moved premises once in this time but have remained on Hall Street for the entire 15 years. Jordan's Mum, Jane Turner, opened the store after a long and successful career in the book industry, and a lifelong passion for books.

The shop is named after Gertrude Stein and her partner Alice B Toklas who entertained many of the great minds of the 1930’s in their Paris home, creating a haven for artists and intellectuals – like Picasso and Hemingway to name a few.

Jane hoped to create a similar space through Gertrude & Alice café bookstore for actors, writers, creative’s and artists in Bondi – a beautiful and timeless space to read and relax in. 

We managed to catch up with Jordan in between time at G&A and his continuous work with his fashion blog...

Gertrude & Alice has been on the scene for quite a few years, how has Bondi changed in this time?

My family are lifelong Bondi residents – born and bred locals. I guess my Mum has seen a lot more changes in her 50 years, but what I’ve noticed growing up here is the incredible sense of community and the diversity of culture and people. It gives Bondi it’s own unique experience in this huge city – one that makes you come back for more.

A highlight on community though – what independent bookstore café can share a photo of their thief on facebook and have the entire Bondi community assist in identifying him sharing it to over 300,000 people? The team and I feel insanely lucky.

Are there any great books about Bondi that people should read?

Some staples, ‘A Day at Bondi’ by Eugene Tan, the man behind Aquabumps, and ‘The Colour of Bondi’ by Rex Dupain. Also ‘On Bondi Beach’ by Game, Metcalfe & Marlin – which is written by residents and visitors telling their own stories of ‘their’ Bondi as the day passes.

And any budding local authors that we should get to know?

I will never get enough of Saimaa Miller. She’s the author behind ‘Aussie Body Diet & Detox’ who radiates health and is the absolute nicest person you’ll ever meet. Will Kostakis is an award-winning local fictional writer – he is also one of the funniest people I know.

I also want to note to the three budding authors currently writing away in Gertrude & Alice as we speak! I’ll keep you posted on that.

Campbell & Hall’s brand has been inspired by the iconic Hall Street, in which G&A is situated. When you think of Hall Street, how would you describe it?

Hall Street is the hub of Bondi. Especially with the new Adina development that has brought Harris Farms and all the new restaurants! I’m starting to believe we really do live in a bubble because we don’t ever have to leave Bondi.

What are your go-to autumn styles?

Losing the shorts! Fitted trousers or jeans, simple/basic tee’s, sweaters and knits - an overcoat if necessary - paired with killer sneakers. Use more white, grey, black and navy.

In Bondi, where do you go (apart from your own fine cafe) for:

Food? Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta off Hall street, or Sefa in Bondi Road.
I have a Saturday morning ritual of getting a coffee from Harry’s – always on point – and then getting doughnuts from Glazed in the Bondi Farmer’s Markets. It makes me so happy, best combination.
Classics and quality wines at The Crossing or some crazy and incredible cocktails at Mr. Moustache.
Anytime TEN PIECE’s have a pop up store. But I severely miss TuchuzyMan.

Keep updated with Jordan at www.mrturner.com and @mrturner 

In the mean time we suggest dropping into Gertrude and Alice for their well renowned Chai Tea. Yum.  


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