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Bondi Rescue: Anthony Glick

Bondi Rescue's newest recruit Anthony Glick has been forever fascinated by the ocean. It seems he has a magnetic bond with the water that keeps luring him back time and time again to uncover more magic hidden at one of the finest beaches in the world. He divides his time between patrolling Bondi, Australia's busiest beach, and photographing the magic that happens down there on his time off. 

What’s it really like being a Lifeguard at the infamous Bondi Beach?

I didn’t expect too much to be honest, but I knew what went on just from going down to the beach all the time. But its definitely more than meets the eye from the outside looking in, you don’t know what you are going get day to day, maybe it’ s big surf or maybe it's a rescue - its pretty unpredictable, which I do like about that side of the job. Its not a 9-5, which suits my lifestyle just fine. I’m pretty into my health and fitness and you have to be fit doing the job.

How does it feel being apart of the Bondi Rescue family?

Im on it! I personally didn’t think I had what it takes, you know it’s a very sought after job - you have to know the job, be aware of whats going on - it has to become second nature. its not an easy job to get, so I was very shocked when I did get it, but i've taken it with open arms and am enjoying every minute.

We hear you’re a pretty talented photographer, when and how did that start?

It probably started...I actually remember the first time, around 3 years ago, It was sunrise at bondi - it becomes addictive! I love finding out what nature throws at you and because I love Bondi, I love to document it. I stared to invest in my camera stuff and it went from there...

When you think of the Bondi lifestyle, how would you describe it?

Pretty much anything goes in bondi! dress the way you want to dress, run where you wanna run, you get everything here! It just allows you to be yourself! Everyone loves the beach and is always interested in doing stuff at the beach, I love that.

If we bumped into you around Bondi what’s the most likely thing you would be doing?

Probably just hanging out with work mates, or my close school mates. When I get some spare time, I like to go for a walk on the beach and sit down at north bondi and hang out, or on my camera taking photos. If i'm not doing that i'll be working on my website, I like being creative.

What is your go-to weekend wear?

Long pants, very basic stuff. Campbell & Hall is definitely my style. 

In Bondi, where’s your favourite places to go for:

Food? Bangkok Bites – Hall Street

Coffee? Bru and Skinny Dip. 

Drinks? Bucket list - it's pretty close to work!

Taking pictures?  Sunrise at South Bondi and the afternoon at North Bondi. 


You can follow Anthonys work on social media here…

Instagram - @anthonyglick

Facebook – www.facebook.com/glickphotography

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