• Sydney Swans: Tom Derickx
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Sydney Swans: Tom Derickx

Sydney Swans player Tom Derickx wasn't always surrounded by football. Originally from a small coastal town called Dunsborough located in the South West of Western Australia, he grew up with his two brothers and beautiful ocean loving parents, in which he spent most of his childhood surfing and fishing.

Football wasn't something he took seriously until the age of 21 when Tom decided to have a crack at playing in the state league for Claremont Tigers. After impressing a few AFL clubs he ended up being drafted to the Richmond Tigers. He spent three injury ravaged seasons at the Tigers before being moved on to the Sydney Swans. Currently living in Bondi, he's loving every second on and off the field...

After playing all that footie, what would be your ideal lazy Sunday?

I usually don't set an alarm and try to wake up naturally then head down to the beach for a recovery swim and stretch - usually followed by 2-3 coffees and laugh with the boys! Afternoons I like to have a bit of Tom time. That generally consists of playing guitar or reading a book whilst laying in the sun.

When you think of the Bondi lifestyle, how would you describe it?

It's super chilled out and everyone knows everyone, which I guess produces a friendly atmosphere. Nothing beats the beach and with all the cafe's so close to the ocean it's hard not to be the perfect atmosphere!

We hear you’re a bit of a surfer, did you teach yourself?

My dad taught me to surf at a young age...started on the big soft mals and progressed to shorter boards. My brothers and I try to surf a few times a week at Bondi or around at Tama. I'm 6'7 so I'm not the most elegant surfer but I sure throw buckets!

If we bumped into you around Bondi what’s the most likely thing you would be doing?

Hah, probably arguing with a parking inspector or sitting at Gertrude and Alice reading a book with a latte.

Is there something you think Bondi does better than anywhere else?

There's always something going on in Bondi! Whether it a skate comp, a good band playing or just a few idiots sinking a tinnie (the boat kind) off the North Bondi rocks! It's the place to be. 

What is your go-to weekend wear?

You rarely see me in jeans or even shoes so I like a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of cut offs or board shorts. Chuck a cap in there somewhere and you have a full kit.

In Bondi, where’s your favourite places to go for:

Food? - Skinny dip
Coffee? - Gertrude and Alice
Drinks? - Stuffed beaver

Shopping? - Notorious & Co

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