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Morning Bondi: Amaury Tréguer

Image courtesy of Paul Amestoy Photography. 

Amaury Tréguer is a French photographer, originally from Paris. These days though he is a true Bondi local having made it his home since 2010. If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and Facebook on the daily commutes you will definitely have found yourself double tapping his photographs at some point – his dreamy pictures of Bondi Beach are shown each day with his daily musings across his Morning Bondi page.

It was great to catch up with Amaury for a coffee to find out more behind Morning Bondi and the dude behind the camera…

So tell us how ‘Morning Bondi’ all started…

Well it was actually when I was training three years ago at the beach to prepare for Tough Mudder - every morning I would take photos of the sunrise with my phone and then share it with my friends on Facebook. I soon noticed that my friends were actually sharing the photos with other friends, so after a few nudges I soon decided to start the Morning Bondi Facebook Page. Morning Bondi is actually a group of good friends who go to the beach for a couple of hours every morning to work out, catch up, have a chat, and have coffee together - it’s like our morning ritual… and they’ve been really supportive and have got used to me stopping to take pictures!

Have you always enjoyed photography?

Actually it’s just over the past few years that I’ve really got into it. I’m completely self-taught and it’s definitely still a learning process. When I started to train with my mates, I couldn’t help but notice the 6.30 sunrise and every time I would try and capture it on my iPhone, but unfortunately the quality of the iPhone 3G was not quite sufficient enough in low light conditions, and the photos were all pixelated. That’s when I decided to use a better camera. You start to see what works and what doesn’t…luckily I already had a compact and SLR which I used for travelling. For my birthday last year my friends offered me a photography course, which has really helped with technical aspects.

What’s the best moment you’ve captured?

Hah it’s probably got to be a picture of a cockatoo I took, which ended up being posted by Tourism Australia – I had titled it ‘I just got photobombed’. It was a rainy morning and I couldn’t really be bothered to be honest, but then out of nowhere I get this great shot of a cockatoo in front of the ocean. People started to put meme’s to the picture on social media and it ended up going viral. Sometimes it’s weird like that when you get those moments, on the days when you weren’t even expecting to get any photos.

What makes Bondi mornings awesome?

There are so many people down at the beach in the morning, every morning! It’s really great you know. You see familiar faces everyday - whether it’s in the surf like the One Wave crew, or people going for a run or the crowd at the monkey bars. Everyone’s being active, working out and surfing – even when it’s bad weather. It’s not necessarily natural to wake up at 5:30am but surprisingly a lot of people do. It’s great to see all the buzz in the morning!

If we bumped into you around Bondi what’s the most likely thing you would be doing?

Most likely training and having coffee with my mates!

The wind’s started to pick up in Bondi - What is your go-to winter wear?

Yeah it sucks when it’s windy! I’ll most likely be in training gear, so a basic tee, boardies and a hoody.

In Bondi, where’s your favourite places to go for:

Food? - Da Orazio Pizza and China diner on Hall Street. 

Coffee? Chapter One - no 1 for coffee! 

Drinks? The Crossing, Bondi Hardware and The Bucket List. 

Taking pictures? The surf lookout at South Bondi as you can get a great panoramic view - also convenient for coffee as it’s near Chapter One!

Since starting Morning Bondi, Amaury and his photos have been featured across numerous publications including Destination NSW, Tourism Australia’s social channels, The Beast magazine and on the official blog of the City of Sydney. Some of his iconic photos were even projected onto the Sydney Opera House for Vivid Festival.

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