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Meet: Bondi Harvest

Good mates and surfing buddies Mark Alston and Guy Turland have successfully exploded onto the food scene, not only with their award winning blog that launched in 2013, but now with their fresh vibed and highly talked about Bondi Harvest restaurant. 

Bondi Harvest encompasses philosophies surrounding sustainable, seasonal and local food, paired with a laid back, healthy and aspirational Bondi lifestyle - with a few of life's guilty pleasures thrown in. 

The success of the Bondi Harvest brand has taken them around the world, but we caught up with one half of the BH duo, Guy Turland, to talk local. 

What’s been the best highlight of the Bondi Harvest journey so far? 

There seems to be a new highlight every week to be honest, we’re working 7 days a week just to keep up, I think the stand out highlights so far would have to be my appearance on The Today Show in the US and the signing of our first cookbook with HarperCollins, the book will be released this September, yew!

Any plans for Bondi Harvest to move Beach side?

Yeah 100%, we’d love to expand the restaurant closer to the beach, but we’ve also got our eyes set on international restaurant expansion. A large portion of our audience and viewers are UK and US based so we’d love to break into those markets.

If Bondi were a dish what would it be?

Bondi’s about real world balance, it’s green smoothie in the morning and cocktails at night, ha ha. Bondi as a dish would be Quinoa mud cake and Bondi as a drink - Vodka, green smoothie.

When you’re not cooking, what’s the most likely thing we could find you doing around Bondi?

Anything active and away from my phone and computer, soft sand running, surfing, spearfishing - just getting out in the open!

What’s your go-to beach style?

Shorts, Akubra hat, Turkish towel and sunnies.

In Bondi, (apart from your lovely establishment of course!) where do you go for:

Food? - Sefa Bondi on Bondi road or Icebergs.
Coffee? – Having The Depot in North Bondi and BH in the junction now, I’m spoilt for coffee, I’d have to say Harry’s is my pick for good coffee when I’m hiding from work ha ha .
Drinks? – Negroni at The Corner House or cider at The Bucket List.

You can find all the delicious Bondi Harvest recipes right here. 

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