• Meet: Bondi Beach Cruisers
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Meet: Bondi Beach Cruisers

Husband and wife team Resa and Belinda Pratoni are the founders of online bicycle store Bondi Beach Cruisers.  And while you might not know them to pass in the street , you'll instantly recognise their eye-catching bikes.

Inspired by their beach surrounds, and spurred on by a gap in the market, Resa and Belinda founded their boutique store in 2011. The laidback vintage shapes and candy colours of the bikes capture that feeling of summer freedom, to take with you all year 'round.

They took some time out from managing the bike store and looking after their one-year old, Keanu, to talk to us about their venture and life in Bondi.

How did the idea for an online-only bike store come about?
We were pretty obsessed with vintage bikes and love the old school California beach vibes from the '70s. We never really noticed anyone riding beach cruisers around Bondi but every time I rode mine people would comment and when someone offered to buy mine off me we thought “We should make our own” so we did, ha!

Is there a BBC colour/style combination that you think best epitomises Bondi life?
Our Aquamarine Iceberg Cruiser with cream tyres and a front basket full of your beach essentials.

What's the best place in Bondi for cruising on your bike?
We love cruising down to the farmer’s market on Saturday and the beach of course!

When you think Bondi lifestyle, how would you describe it?
Chilled. It's all about the beach and it's such a community, I love that every time I head down there I will run into a few people I know.

What are your go-to beach styles?
I’m loving the fashion coming out of Byron Bay at the moment, especially anything from Spell. Resa has been rocking my dad’s 30 year old Akubra which he pilfered when we were visiting at Christmas.

In Bondi, where do you go for:
Food? We love trying all the new places in Bondi but always go back to Gelbison for the chilli mussels
Coffee? Bondi Wholefoods or Orchard St for a kombucha
Drinks? From the bottle shop for a picnic or BBQ with friends


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