• Meet: Tim 'Denoodle' Denoon
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Meet: Tim 'Denoodle' Denoon

If you've ever come across one of Tim Denoon's images, it's likely you won't forget it. His photographs of Bondi take this well known - and often clichéd - backdrop and give it a unique angle, creating stunning scenes that are both local and universal, fresh yet instantly iconic.

Though he's a Bondi boy from way back, experiencing the beach through photography has only been a recent pursuit. He set up his Denoodle account to capture the sights on his daily walks through Bondi, but since being featured on the official Instagram account it has developed into a part-time job. When he's not shooting, he works in a bookshop, and his love for the literary becomes evident in his Instagram captions, with quotes that often make the viewer see the image in a whole new light.

Having come and gone (but always returning) he's seen Bondi change from laid-back and slightly rough around the edges, to the more gentrified place it is today. But he's not sentimental about the past, saying "I've just learned to roll with it and enjoy the changes".

What's it like having Bondi as your office?
It’s the best! The only problem is getting sand in my camera and my butt crack. That wouldn’t happen in a normal office, would it?

Do you have a favourite Instagram filter, or are you #nofilter?
I was a big fan of ‘Valencia’ when I first started on Instagram, but now I do all my photo editing on the Afterlight app.

The beach is so well known, are there any other parts of Bondi you think people should get more acquainted with?
Not many people go further north than the grassy knoll, so I’d recommend the boat ramp for late afternoon beers and swims. South side – there’s a secret rockpool past Icebergs that I would love to tell you about but then I’d have to kill you.

When you think Bondi lifestyle, how would you describe it?
Relaxed with a side serving of kale. And the kale would be served on a skateboard.

What are your go-to beach styles?
Patterned shorts and peaked cap and Raybans. I go barefoot most of the time which is a real hassle when I try to get into the RSL.

In Bondi, where do you go for:
Food? Jed’s, Atlas, Piadina.
Coffee? Chapter One, Porch, Gertrude & Alice.
Drinks? The Shop (Curlewis St)

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