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Meet: Pama Davies

On one level, Pama Davies is the quintessential Bondi boy.

While Bondi undoubtedly perpetuates certain stereotypes, some of which Pama may identify with – the enigmatic surfer marches to the beat of his own drum.  

While surfing Bondi is a ritual for Pama, the crowds are often enough to deter even the most dedicated. Pama, like many Australians, makes the annual pilgrimage to Indonesia. This is where life slows down to the rhythm of the next wave. At times, the conditions can be challenging, with Indonesia proving to be excellent training ground for the young surfer.

While surfing Canggu, Pama was caught on film by videographer Dane Singleton - his amazing show of skill was later snapped up by the likes Stab and Surf Magazine who were keen to feature the young gun.

Board makers Hayden Shapes also recognized Pama’s talent and have selected him as one of their team riders for 2014. As a newbie, Pama is keen to carve out a name for himself amongst an array of surfers coming up through the ranks. With his impressive prowess in the ocean, this seems almost guaranteed.

Campbell & Hall was stoked to have Pama involved in our launch campaign for Spring/Summer 2014/15.

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