• Built By Dylan: Dylan Rivier

Built By Dylan: Dylan Rivier

Built By Dylan: Dylan Rivier

Dylan Rivier was born and raised in Sydney (which is unusual around here). He grew up in the Eastern Suburbs, before moving to the Inner City with his family before starting high school. Dylan lived around the Inner West whilst at university, then as soon as he could he made his way back to Bondi and hasn’t left!

"That was 11 years ago and Bondi has changed a lot in that time, but then in other ways it’s still exactly the same as it was."

Dylan's been working in the health and fitness industry for even longer than that, starting around 14 years ago in a variety of roles from group fitness instructor and centre manager to where he is now; a personal trainer. He has trained fashion icons, international models and celebrities as well as the 'weekend warriors' looking to improve on their fun run time and individuals wanting to lose weight, gain endurance or put on muscle.

Have you always been into health & fitness?

I guess I have always been fascinated by athleticism, I remember as a kid watching Tarzan movies or seeing bodybuilding magazines and just thinking it was amazing what they could do. 

Like most kids in Sydney, I grew up playing a lot of sport but it wasn’t really until high school when I was introduced to rowing, that I really became interested in training. I got to see and experience the incredible changes, both physically AND mentally, that came about as a result of training. From that day on I was hooked!

How did ‘Built By Dylan’ come about?

It all started because of my mates actually. I was getting enquiries from a whole bunch of friends that wanted to start training to get fit but none of them could afford personal training. Instead of turning them away I decided to put together a super affordable option for them to train together as a group. I just sent everyone a message one day and said ‘Training is on Mon, Wed and Fri, 9am, be there!’

What do you love about outdoor training in Bondi?

Ahhhh where do I start! For starters, I love the sunshine. I think I’m practically solar powered some days and if I don’t get my fix I find my energy levels and general mood tend to head south. Where else in the world can you can play around with calisthenics on monkey bars, smash out some soft sand laps, swim in the ocean, run up hills AND power up stairs?? Pair all of that with the most stunning backdrop in the world and that’s why I love training outside in Bondi ;)

Above: Dylan putting Bondi Harvest's Guy Turland through his paces. 

Image courtesy of builtbydylan.com 

What’s been a highlight of your ‘Built By Dylan’ journey so far and why?

Honestly, every time someone contacts me and tells me that I’ve helped them, motivated them, or inspired them in some way, that is a highlight for me. At the end of the day, that’s why I do what I do!

Above: Monkeying Around. Photo by Denys @bondifitness

What’s on the cards for this year? Any new ventures or travel plans?

I’ll be heading to the UK to check out some of the best gyms and trainers this year and hopefully bring back some of my own inspiration to share with my clients! This year will also see me launch an online program for anyone that wants to train like me but can't train with me!

And finally, what's your favourite C&H product?

This is a tough one! I LOVE the C&H shorts, I wear them all the time but as the weather is getting cooler I’ve started wearing the ¾ long johns and I’m loving them too! All of the C&H gear is super comfy so you can’t really go wrong with any of it


Above: Dylan having a quick dip in our Striped Penkivil Boxer Shorts

In Bondi, where do you go for:
Food? The depot Café North Bondi
Coffee? The Hill Eatery, Bru or The depot. It’s the golden triangle of North Bondi and you CAN NOT go wrong!
Drinks? The Neighbourhood

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