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Coffee Around Bondi

Coffee Around Bondi

Photo Courtesy of The Shop

At some point of the day we all go searching for our large, almond milk, extra frothy, flat white with cinnamon on top – or maybe that’s just me. Well, in Bondi, not only is the coffee good, there’s lots of it! You’re definitely spoilt for choice, and with more cafés and bistros opening shop, where to go?...

Photo Credit: @birichinacafe

There seems to be little hubs of coffee places in every corner in Bondi, and depending on where you live, the closest to you will probably end up being your local! Unless you acquire a taste for a certain location - for instance Birichina on Lamrock Ave, South Bondi, is a great place to go sit back, relax, and check out the waves.


Photo Credit: @gertrudeandalice

Some hotspots have securely earned their reputation for good coffee such as Sonoma, always having a great buzz on a Sunday morning. Then if you’re looking for a good read and a sit down then there’s always local gem Gertrude and Alice, located on the iconic Hall Street, with their inviting chai tea and stacked book shelves. 

Photo Credit: @coffeebondibeach

For all those coffee conisuers out there, or if you're looking to treat yourself, a new place appropriately named 'Coffee' has opened on Curlewis Street. As there are now a selection of coffee joints set up in Bondi, it's nice to see them all offer something unique, and 'Coffee' is no different. They not only provide great tasting coffee, the delivery is fantastic, including coffee on tap. 

Macadamia latte's, almond milk, cold brew, and even coffee beans available to purchase at this very well presented coffee bar.  


Photo Credit: @theshopandwinebar

The Shop and Wine Bar, also located on Curlewis Street, was featured on our blog last year "A comfortable, fun place to hang out, and enjoy coffee by day and drinks by night with the bonus of yummy food." - Owner Lucy Tindale. 

Photo Credit: @drakebondi

The Drake Eatery on Gould Street, has it's own easy access 'get to the coffee quickly' window off of the main restaurant, with friendly bearded barista's on hand. Small details of their personalised stamped cups are a nice touch - Not to mention having some of the best brownies in Bondi! 

Above: Good vibes behind the coffee machine at Jed's. Photo Credit: @jedsbondibeach 

Coffee in Bondi definitely has that social aspect attached to it, just like most places do, but this is more of a community-positive-vibe feel that only comes from living in Bondi.  Whether its creatives meeting in front of their laptops with a cappuccino on the go, friends taking five for a liquid lunch, or surfers coming in after a few waves for a catch up with the local barista. Everyone's welcome. 

Just what is it about coffee we love so much? The taste? The intoxicating aroma? The  morning ritual of the daily commutes? The genuine need for caffeine? Or perhaps the ever increasing fashionable coffee cups that compliment your outfit that day...

Above: Perfection in a cup at Harry's. Photo Credit: @harrysbondi

Either way, it is now so pronounced and lovingly welcomed in Bondi Beach; whether a caffeine fix or just a social love of being near the beach, cruising with mates whilst having a cuppa in the hand, who’d want it any other way?

We know we wouldn't... 

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