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Art Around Bondi

Art Around Bondi

At the heart of Bondi Beach amongst the local coffee spots and the boutique shops, artwork has now become happily merged with the buildings in this beachy suburb. Whether it's spray paint on the footpath, vintage decorations in cafés, stencils in bar toilets, or huge murals on buildings and walls, it's evident that Bondi is not short of colour and creativity. 

Bondi Graffiti has even featured in one of our recent campaigns...

Every part of Bondi is up for grabs. Traffic signal boxes on street corners are even splashed with paint. This beautification project aims to not just transform the eyesores into works of art giving a sense of pride and ownership in the local community, but to provide unique opportunities for artists to engage with the community by creating vibrant works of art.   

One of the most iconic places to view the art is the Bondi Beach graffiti wall along the promenade which stretches from one end of the beach to the other. Showcasing local artists and the occasional tag artist here and there, It's hard not to take it all in after an afternoon surf or evening coastal walk. Perhaps Bondi attracts creatives with it's laid back vibes or maybe it's Bondi that brings out the creative side, either way everyone seems to enjoy leaving their artistic mark. 

 Above: Rosie Apps completing her mural on the Bondi Beach graffiti wall. C&H have featured Keiron Lewis and Mulga The Artist who have also showcased their artwork on the wall. 

Just type in #bondigraffiti to Instagram and the array of pictures of locals and tourists alike posing in front of the wall is astounding; the artwork at the beach has such a strong influence on young and old, that everyone wants to get involved for a selfie. 

Some artwork becomes definite favourites with the locals, and is immediately associated with a place or street. The love heart in front of The Health Emporium on Bondi Road has taken permanent fixture since late December 2011, as a random act by an anonymous person who put it there - now snapped by thousands of passers-by and regular customers on a daily basis.

It's not the only graffiti spreading the love, the 'Love Wall' by Vanessa Forbes just off Bondi Road is also an Instagram hotspot. 

Art in Bondi is on every street corner, ready to be discovered. Lister sightings can be found in the smallest corner  - it's for everyone to enjoy and that's what makes it fun and so well embraced (most of the time!) It seems to be a fashion that isn't going out of fashion any time soon, and perhaps becoming a welcomed trend. New graffiti appears, and the old disappears, but favourites will stay for a while to be the featured backdrop for Bondi and its locals. 

For your own personal art fix around Bondi: 

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